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The more we'll get to know her – The more we'll fall in love with her.

This is our Israel – The holyland. So small, but with so many faces – fascinating, intriguing and diverse.
I invite you to get to know Israel and its trails, through guided walks or with a 4WD vehicle.

We will focus on the great combination between Israel's awesome nature, and the glorious history and magnificent stories this land has to tell.

Avi Farjoun – an expert in guiding tours and journeys to the "off beaten track" places. 

For the past 10 yeIMG-20150717-WA0015ars I am working as a Professional licensed tour guide both in Israel and in different destinations around the world.
The Love of traveling was always a big part of my world, and I spent more then four years traveling to the far ends of the world and experience numerous places, cultures and people. But no matter where I went and how wonderful that place was, my one true love was always to my county, to Israel. This love is exactly what I am trying to pass to my travelers.

Israel is not an easy place to guide in. It is the land of the bible – the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, of king David and king Solomon, the land of Jesus. It is the cradle of Judaism and Christianity. More then 4000 years of history and endless conquerors, empires and rulers create numerous Archeological, historical and religious sites, stories and legends. A tour to this part of the world will meet the traveler with colors, tastes and contrasts and with a mixture of old and new that will some time seen almost impossible. This is my expertise; to help you understand, experience and enjoy this unbelievable and unforgettable country!!

אבי פרג'ון מדריך טיולים

I'm a well-trained outdoor person , a licensed tour guide and delivers backpackers' outdoor workshops. I'm also an expert on "Jesus Trail", and taking many travelers on a 4 days journey in the footsteps of Jesus.

The main Jesus Trail  route is 65km and begins in Nazareth and passes through Zippori, Cana, Ilaniya, Kibbutz Lavi, Arbel Cliffs, the Jesus Boat, Tabgha, Capernaum, and the Mount of Beatitudes. An optional return loop to Nazareth passes through Tiberias, the Jordan River, Mount Tabor, and Mount Precipice.

This trail takes you on the paths where Jesus actually walked from his childhood village of Nazareth, to the sea of Galilee, where he had started to spread his word, and Capernaum, which is known as "Jesus' town". You will be able to see the same awosome landscape, and visit the churches along the way, which perpetuates these historic events.

Another exciting option is to hike up to Jerusalem, doing the "JerusaLand" trek. 3 days of walking towards jerusalem, following ancient roads, historic pilgrims, and 3000 years of history – ending in the Wailing wall – the base of the great Temple in Jerusalem.

 I'm also guiding sections of Israel's National Trail (INT), or groups who wish to walk the entire trail over a period.

Israel has way more to offer than you would think! What is so convenient in Israel is that everything is very close, yet very diversed. 

You can embark on an exciting 4WD tour in the desert, organize a chalenging yet meaningful hike, enjoy a thrilling ropes activity or just take a sightseeing tour to one of many special sites in Israel.

Join us to on a tour to your choice for an unforgettable experience!


4WD Tours

4WD Tours

If it's a long journey crossing the Negev, or is it one day full of water and lookouts in the Golan Heights, 4WD trip is a great way to experience Israel. We will get to know the land, the culture and the wild side of Israel.

We invite you to pick a destination, number of days, and excitment levels, and we take care of all the rest!
Hiking Tours

Hiking Tours

Israel has so many hiking trails, and some very interesting treks that always combine the nature of the land of Israel, with the extraordinary amount of history and interesting stories this land has to tell.

If it's hiking up to Jeusalem, Exploring the footsteps of Jesus, Crossing from the medeteranean sea to the Sea of Galilee (YamLeyam) or the big old INT (Israeli National Trail) Israel has many hiking trails you never imagined could be in such a tiny place.
Adventure tours

Adventure tours

Rappelling, Canyoning, ATVs or kayaking, We have many places we can take you to pump up your adrenaline. As fast as it goes down we can move from a lush forest to an amazing isolated desert.
You never thought of Israel this way!


OK, there's Jerusalem (of course), The Dead Sea (Lowest place on earth), Acre, The Sea of Galilee, Tel Aviv and Jaffa, and so many more fascinating places to visit in Israel. Israel contains more than 10 UNESCO World heritage sites, and interesting to see whatever religion, culture or age you are.

For every question, inquiry or a trip request, please contact us, or leave your details and we will get back to you shortly.

Let us plan for you a trip of a lifetime!


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